Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum

The First Steps - 1893 - Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art MuseumThe Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum is located at the painter’s birthplace, the village of Chydira. It is the first fully digital museum of art in Greece. Organized according to a special museological study based on new technologies, it presents the life and work of the renowned Greek painter through a variety of digital means. The Georgios Iakovidis Digital Museum was created on the initiative of the N. G. Papadimitriou Educational and Cultural Foundation. It is intended to function as a meeting place for Technology and Art, offering visitors of all ages a visual experience that combines both pleasure and knowledge.


Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum

Address: Chydira, Lesvos
Tel.: +30 22530 51128/51195

Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum Location

We want to add an exact location of the museum to the map. Can you help with coordinates?

One thought on “Georgios Iakovidis Digital Art Museum

  1. Looking forward to visiting this museum – located in one of our favourite villages on Lesvos. In summer there is also a local winery which you can tour so this makes a really good day out.

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