Beautiful Lesvos beaches

Lesvos beaches? I know that Lesvos is not famous for its beaches. But hey, it’s a Greek island, of course, it has beaches. What is more, there are some pretty special ones too. These range from organised beaches with sunbeds, toilets and changing facilities, water sports and a selection of places to eat, to the secluded cove with not another living soul in sight and just about everything in between. The organised beaches are easy to find, but the quieter and more secluded beaches are a different matter. You are going to need to arrange transport. A donkey will do but a car might be more reliable! So here we have some of the less well known but truly beautiful beaches of Lesvos.

What I now need you to do is send me your reports and photographs of your favourite Lesvos beaches. Go on, don’t be a spoilsport, share your experiences of those hidden gems that are spread all over the island.


I’m waiting…………

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