Klidonas 2015

Photographs from Klidonas 2015

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Moni Pithariou

Moni PithariouMoni Pithariou is devoted to the Archangels and is located in a beautiful ravine in the hills close to Eressos. The name of the monastery is taken from the shape of the ravine which resembles a jar (Πιθάρι – Pithari in Greek).  A dam has been built across the ravine, forming a large lake.

There is little historical data about the foundation of the monastery which has resulted in much debate among researchers. An Ottoman record of the tax affairs of the region dated 1548 suggests an already established monastery. The monastery is further mentioned in a 1709 ledger which records the tax as 107 kilos of olive oil. Continue reading

The Earlybird Project

Earlybird Project

An international art project has landed in Lesvos, involving in particular the Petrified Forest and the Natural History Museum in Sigri.

The Earlybird Project is an environmental themed art project by Russian-Italian artist Vladislav Shabalin which  avails itself of the collaboration of the British progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator Continue reading