Mytilene Airport passport control

Did you go through Mytilene Airport passport control?

Did you have a long wait to get through passport control? Every visitor we have collected so far this year has had a very long wait to clear passport control.

Passport control in Mytilene

I spoke to a manager about the delays. The staff at the airport are aware of the problem but are powerless to do anything because “travellers are not making complaints in the right place and senior managers do not see a problem”.

I was asked to submit a complaint on-line. I have done so.

Can I ask everyone that has travelled through the airport and experienced delays to also complain. Fraport operate 14 airports in Greece, so you will need to give them airport name, date of flight, flight number and time it took to clear passport control. Tell them how you felt about the delay and also perhaps how your fellow passengers reacted if they were also unhappy. Did you have to stand outside in the sun for example. Great start to your holiday or disaster?

Direct email:

There is also an on-line form, click here.

PLEASE lets do something about this. They will not improve unless we make our feelings felt.

Fraport are building a new airport but we can need action now.