Aeolic Sanctuary of Klopedi

Sanctuary of KlopediOn a hillside overlooking the fertile plain of Arisvi lies the ruins of the ancient aeolic Sanctuary of Klopedi. Here, at the beginning of the last century, Dimitrios Evangelides, Curator of the local Ephorate of Antiquities at that time, excavated the remains of two archaic temples. These are considered important monuments for the history of ancient architecture, as they remain unique examples of the aeolic style in Greece. Continue reading

Local bus service Anaxos – Eftalou

Local Bus Services18 May 2015 – the local bus service is now running for the summer season. The published K-TEL timetable (as of 18 May 2015) is below.

Please let me know if you find that times have changed so that we can update this page.

9:00 9:10 9:20 9:30 9:40
10:30 10:40 10:50 11:00 11:10
12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30
16:30 16:40 16:50 17:00 17:10
18:00 18:10 18:20 18:30 18:40
9:45 9:55 10:05 10:15 10:25
11:15 11:25 11:35 11:45 11:55
12:30 12:40 12:50 13:00
15:50 16:00 16:05 16:15 16:25
17:15 17:25 17:35 17:45

Check the KTEL webpage for updates here.

You can visit the KTEL website for information on other routes here.There are many stops along the route but if you have a particular destination (the donkey farm for example) it is worth letting the driver know as they will drop you off. If you need specific information on the local bus service please email us and we will try to help.

Christian Basilica of Halinados

Christian Basilica  of HalinadosThe early Christian Basilica of Halinados is only 4.5 km from Agia Paraskevi and is one of a number of ancient sites in the area. Like so many of the ancient sites on Lesvos, it is to be found along a dirt road and has almost no signs to get you there. Our map at the bottom of the page should give you a little help finding it. Continue reading