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LesvosLesvos is the perfect holiday destination for everyone who loves Greece. It has magical properties that help you to relax and leave those modern-world worries behind. The thermal springs will wash away your cares and leave you totally relaxed. The stunning views all around Lesvos will catch your breath, your imagination and your heart. You can sit in one of the harbours and watch the world go by whilst enjoying a coffee or an ouzo. All around the island are wonderful tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Greek cooking at its best. The Aegean Sea is clear and azure blue and offers up fresh fish for you to enjoy. Lesvos is the home of Ouzo and its varied product is renowned the world over. What more could any visitor want?

Yet there is more, so much more. Lesvos is the third largest of Lesvos - The Other Aegeanthe Greek islands and has so many things to see and do that you could spend a lifetime and still miss so much. Pretty villages in the mountains and working harbours on the coast are to be found all over the island. Lesvos sits on the migratory route and is a bird watchers paradise. Did I mention the wildflowers in spring? The list of reasons to visit Lesvos is long.

The island has become home to many seeking refuge from the worries and stress of a hectic world and should be the holiday of choice for anyone wishing to do the same. It is also an ideal holiday destination for those who want to experience the “real Greece”.

Please relax and enjoy some of the many things that make Lesvos special. The menu at the top should give you lots of ideas and information.

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There are other websites about Lesvos, they reflect the site owners personal experiences of the island.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Lesvos

  1. Molyvos is pure beauty, a gem, a place of peace and relaxation where you will make friends that will last a lifetime. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, you will hear distance bells of sheep the occasional rooster and smells of freshly baked bread — swallows diving throughout the sky and sounds of the Mediterranean kissing the rocky shore beaches. Since age 7, I have been returning every 7 to 10 years and now at 40, it is remarkable how many memories return.
    If you go, make sure to stop by Molly’s bar. Impossible to miss, it is right before you get to the Molyvos harbour, stop in for a drink, and you will meet lasting friend with stories of the village.
    David Jones

  2. I recently took a 10 day trip to Lesvos to the village where my grandparents immigrated from. It was a wonderful and moving experience to meet relatives I never knew existed and found I had more relatives than I could have imagined. There were many hugs, kisses and handshakes. I learned more about my grandparents and had a rough family tree drawn for me. It took me many years to find my roots and discovered they run deep.

    In addition the island of Lesvos is truly lovely with something for everyone. I drove all over the island, went to villages, beaches, mountains, historical and archeological sites and saw why so many people find Lesvos to be one of Greece’s best island.

    If that’s not good enough I just happen to “run” into Rob and Carol while visiting the pretty village of Lafionas. What a surprise to meet them after so many times “talking” to them on travel forums.

    Rob and Carol are great people and are very fortunate to live on Lesvos . . . a dream for many of us.

    Lesvos is worth going to and should be considered as something that the “Big Name” islands can’t give you . . . traditional Greece!

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