Alternative Sailing

Alternative SailingWhy is sailing around Lesvos so special?

Sailing and Lesvos, just two words or two Worlds?

Where do they meet?

They meet in Alternative Sailing.

Read why sailing around Lesvos is a dream for the novice and expert alike and make your dreams come true.

The Captain’s Table is open.

The Captain's TableAfter an explosion and fire destroyed the Captain’s Table in Molyvos harbour on Tuesday 13 May, nobody believed that the restaurant could possibly re-open this summer. Nobody except Melinda, Theo and the family that is.

Today is Thursday 6 August and all the hard work has paid off.

The Captain’s Table is open!

New growthWhen you consider that what was left of the old building had to be knocked down before
the rebuild could start, you realise just how much hard work has gone into today’s opening.

The building is new, the kitchen is new, the tables and chairs were rescued from the debris of the explosion. Even the badly burnt tree next to the restaurant is making an effort and today has new green shoots to help celebrate the re-opening.

A new chapter begins for the Captains Table, let us hope that the final lines are

“and they all lived happily ever after.”

Lesvos Lightning

On 6 August we had another spectacular electrical storm. Lesvos Lightning can be dramatic and the gaps between strikes can sometimes be counted in seconds. Below is a very short video that gives you some idea of the ‘fun’. Luckily for us, the rain didn’t arrive so we could sit on out on our door step and admire the show.

I am not sure that the people of Sigri and Eressos would have enjoyed it quite as much, the ground strikes seemed to be mostly in their direction. As you can see from the times of the strikes, that was a pretty hectic 10 minutes. I should also say that I did miss quite a few others in that period! These are just the most spectacular.

If you have any pictures of the Lesvos Lightning Show then please email them to us, we would love to share them.

Of course we had plenty of time to prepare as Weather Underground gave a pretty accurate forecast. I like to think that was because of the data coming from the Molyvos Weather Station, but I suspect others had a hand in it too.