Lesvos is the third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia. Despite being green and beautiful it remains virtually unaffected by mass tourism. Homer refers to Lesvos in the Iliad and the Odyssey. Lesvos is where Menelaos, Diomedes and Ulysses met, after the siege of Troy, to decide on the way of their return. Sappho was born in Eressos around 615 BC. Sappho is not only one of the few women poets we know of from antiquity, but also is one of the greatest lyric poets from any age. Lesvos inspired Aristotle to write his classification of living things. Theophrastus (the father of modern botany) was born in Eressos.

Put simply, there is no other Greek island quite like Lesvos.

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