This update refers only to cases on Lesvos.
Updated at 07:00 on 23 November

22 November

  • EODY (National Public Health Organization) report 23 new cases.
  • There has been clarification of yesterday’s figure of 70 cases..
    • 30 cases were island residents.
    • 40 cases were in Kara Tepe and included previously unreported cases that had tested positive over a number of weeks.

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Greece vows to empty Lesvos of all refugees by Easter

The Guardian has a story that gives hope to residents and refugees.

“They will all leave,” the civil protection minister, Michalis Chrysochoidis, told the Guardian. “Of the roughly 12,000 refugees here currently, I foresee 6,000 being transferred to the mainland by Christmas and the rest by Easter. The people of this island have gone through a lot. They’ve been very patient.”

Read the full article in The Guardian here.