Thermal Springs – Eftalou

The thermal springs at Eftalou are 3.5km from Molyvos, here you can relax in the picturesque 17th-century domed bath house. In the adjacent building, there are 7 private baths where cold water can be added if the main pool is too hot. The ancient domed roof with holes to allow sunlight to filer through is very relaxing.

If you have never tried the thermal springs at Eftalou then you really are missing out on a truly relaxing experience. Before entering the hot bath it is best to swim in the sea or take a cold shower. This eases entering the hot water. Frequent cooling trips to the sea or shower help the relaxation process, and slowly stress and tensions melt away.

WATER ANALYSIS: Chloride, Sodium, and Radium

DETAILED WATER ANALYSIS: Chloric lithium, Ammonium, potassium, sodium and calcium, aluminium sulphate, calcium and magnesium, iron and manganese, bromide, natrium, nitric potassium, aluminium hydrogen fluoride and silicic acid.

WATER TEMPERATURE: 43.6°- 46.5° C (110.5° – 115.7° F)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: The Thermal Springs are recommended for the treatment of chronic rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, neuralgia, psoriasis, gall stones, gynaecological problems, chest complaints, haemorrhoids, leucorrhoea and skin diseases (this list seems to be based on local wisdom rather than medical research).

FACILITIES: Group spring, 7 private bathtubs



  • Spring basin: 4.00€ per person 45 minutes
  • Private tubs: 5.00€ per person per 20 minutes Children up to 6 years old free of charge.

TELEPHONE: (0030) 22530 71245

In the case of heart disease, blood pressure, phlebitis or pregnancy consult a doctor before using the thermal springs!


3 thoughts on “Thermal Springs – Eftalou

    • Eftalou Springs is a low key and locally run place, so opening times may very. We found it to be open in the summer. My guess is that, as for many places across the Mediterranean area, the place is closed from October to April.

  1. We came in November to the island hoping to enjoy the gifts of nature …The hot springs of Eftalou were closed every time we went…no matter what time of day ….we went in the morning after 1000 and in the afternoon like 15-16 .The place was absolutly sign why the springs are closed or telling us about opening hours in November… and we phoned several times there was no answering machine… nothing at all. Do people of Moliwos want tourism or not?

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