Sailing around Lesvos

Why is sailing around Lesvos so special?Sailing around Lesvos

Sailing and Lesvos, just two words or two Worlds?

Where do they meet? How can they coexist?

Sailing can be fun in itself for the moments it offers either on a small dinghy or while racing on a huge offshore yacht. But we choose sailing vacations because sailing can offer us a unique approach to the Sea, to Nature and to life itself which nothing else can offer.

While sailing we use Nature (the sea and wind) in order to explore unspoiled hidden paradises, to come close to sea creatures (dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sea birds…) without disturbing their environment and most of all test our skills and “explore” ourselves.

This is the reason people fall in love with sailing.

Lesvos. Do not ask me why people fall in love with Lesvos. Being born here I am somehow married to Lesvos. Some say that marriage kills love, yet a partner who surprises you every day can keep love alive. This is true; Lesvos has so many “personalities” that you can not discover them all in a lifetime.

Combine sailing and Lesvos. Do it in the wise, gentle way seamanship imposes and Lesvos’ fragile nature demands and you can have a paradise on earth for your vacation or even more.

A sailor needs safe anchorages. Lesvos’ coastline offers countless beautiful, picturesque coves and fishing ports.

A sailor needs ports for supplies. Lesvos has Mytilene, Molyvos, Petra, Sigri, Skala Kallonis, Skala Polichnitos, Plomari, Perama, Skala Loutra…

A sailor needs fair winds. Lesvos can give you even the choice for more or less wind to sail at any period of the year.

A sailor needs navigation aids. Lesvos has a well-organized light system, cartography in any scale and detail and well covered VHF communication.

A sailor needs excitement. Sailing around an island or along a coastline is not a sailor’s most exciting choice. We know that very well. BUT…Lesvos has such a variety in its landscape, weather conditions, architecture and even the local accent that it can make you believe you are on a different island in every port.

Not to mention the difference between the Coast and the Mainland, the East and the West, the North and the South…Tokmakia isles, Tsonia, Molyvos, Petra, Sigri, Tsichliota, Eressos, Chroussos, Apothika, Skala Polichnitos, Skala Kallonis, Vatera, Kryfi Panagia, Plomari, Tarti, Myrsinia isles, Tsilia, the Entrance of Yera’s Gulf, Perama, Therma, and Skala Loutra while countless other small coves are tempting for a stop for swim and exploration.

Each one of them is a diamond around the edge of the crowning jewel in the Aegean called Lesvos.

Sailing around Lesvos is a dream for the novice and expert alike. Make your dreams come true.

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I was born in Varia (then a small fishing village near Mytilene) and spent my childhood on boats or dreaming about boats. After high school, I had to live in Athens for my studies. After working as a skipper for more than 20 years in the Central Aegean (Cyclades), I came back to Lesvos to work as an architect. But, being of a restless nature, I spend most of my time as a sailing trainer, skipper, boat design and boat maintenance. With two friends I recently (but not Finally) started Alternative Sailing in order to show and share Lesvos to our guests through sailing. Visit our Facebook page

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