Molyvos HarbourThe beautiful village of Molyvos has much to offer the visitor. The harbour is surrounded by Tavernas and restaurants where you can sample excellent local specialities or sit over a coffee or ouzo and watch the world go by. Evening visitors to Molyvos enjoy a choice of bars to wind down after a hard day of sightseeing and enjoy a cooling drink. It offers the opportunity to mix with locals and fellow travellers and find new places to explore. Probably the most celebrated is Molly’s Bar.

Molyvos Agora

The main ‘agora’ climbs from the village entrance towards the castle and is covered in wisteria, which in early spring fills the streets with its heady scent and in summer provides welcome shade to the visitors exploring the gift shops and local stores. Many quality tavernas can also be found here providing great food and stunning views over the bay towards Petra, Anaxos and the distant monastery at Ypsilou. What more could you ask for?

The Byzantine Castle sits on top of the hill overlooking Molyvos and is certainly worth a visit to explore the ancient remains and for the views of the surrounding countryside and Turkey. Enjoy the sunset from Byzantino and on certain days of the year, you might get to see the mysterious island.

The Thermal Baths at Eftalou are 3.5km from Molyvos, here you can relax in the picturesque 17th-century domed bathhouse. There must be something in the air (or water) at Eftalou that whispers “relax, relax”, as it is also the home of the famous yoga school.

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