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Lesvos has such a large number of Monasteries and churches that I am sure that I will have missed some that are worthy of inclusion.



    • Mytilene
      • Church of Agios Therapontas.
      • Church of Saint Athanasios (18th century).
      • Church of Saint Theodoras (1795).
      • Catholic Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary
    • Agiasos, Church of Virgin Mary
    • Agia Marina, Church of Agia Marina (1797)
    • Moria, Church of Saint Vasilios (1769).
    • Pamfila, Church of Agia Varvara (1878).
    • Pyrgoi Thermi, Byzantine temple of Panagia Trouloti
    • Mantamados, Church of Agios Vasilios
    • Agios Stefanos, Old church
    • Tsonia, Chapel of Agia Anastasia,
    • Molivos
      • The basilica of Taxiarchis (1795)
      • Church of Agios Panteleimonas (1844)
      • Church of Agia Kiriaki
      • Church of Agia Theoktisti
      • Church of Saint Nicholas on the harbour
    • Petra,
    • Skala Sikamineas, παναγια η γοργονα (The Mermaid Madonna)
    • Ypsilometopo, Church of Taxiarchis (1807).
    • Stipsi, Church of Koimisi tis Theotokou (1805).
    • Lafionas
      • Church of the Dormition of the Virgin
      • Chapel of Agia Paraskevi
    • Skoutaros, Church of Koimisi tis Theotokou (1880)
    • Megali Tsichrada, Chapel of Agios Panteleimon.
    • Agia Paraskevi
      • Church of Taxiarchis (1856)
      • Chapel of Agia Paraskevi (built in a cave on a nearby hill)
    • Napi, Chapel of Taxiarchis (or known as Trouloti)
    • Sigri, Church of Agia Triada
    • Vatousa, Church of Virgin Mary (1850)
    • Tzithra, Church of Agios Nikolaos
    • Kalloni, Church of Agios Ioannis
    • Parakila, Church of Taxiarchis (1758)
    • Anemotia, Church of Agios Georgios (1702)
    • Papiana, Church with wall paintings (1600)
    • Skalochori, Church of Agios Georgios (1851)
    • Polichnitos, Cathedral of Agios Georgios (1892)
    • Vrisa, Church of Zoodochos Pygi (19th century)
    • Panagia I Krifti (the hidden virgin) west of Melinta
    • Mesagros, Church of Zo-odochos Pigi
    • Skopelos, Church of Agia Magdalini – visit the catacombs
    • Paleokipos, Church of Agios Ermolaos (1795)
    • Asomatos, Church of Taxiarchis (1796)
    • Ippios, Church of Agios Prokopios (1741)
    • Sykounda, Church (1870)

If ever there was a page that we need help with, THIS IS IT.

We would like a brief description and/or photograph of each monastery and church. For those that are hard to find (or hidden), it would be nice if you could give instructions on how to locate them (GPS coordinates would be amazing but are not essential).


Email your photographs and stories to


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