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molyvos.eu was started to try and provide information about and pass on experiences of the beautiful island of Lesvos. The package holiday is changing, visitors want more than sunshine and a beach. Lesvos has the sunshine, it also has some very nice and quiet beaches. But Lesvos is so much more than that. It has a remarkable history. It is the home of Ouzo. Its olive oil is renowned. Its light is magical. It is the birthplace of Nobel winning poets. Aristotle developed the idea of biological classification still used today by studying the aquatic life in the Gulf of Kalloni (it is known as Aristotle’s Lagoon). Theophrastus was born in Eressos and is the father of botany. Lesvos was the birthplace and home of Sappho.

Clearly, Lesvos inspires greatness. Against this backdrop molyvos.eu is trying in its own small way to encourage others to visit this truly inspirational island and enjoy the history, the olive oil, the Ouzo and the culture that sets it apart as an unmissable destination.

We thought that you might like to know a little more about our authors, so here are the people who would like to inspire you:

We are always looking for new contributors to add their experiences of Lesvos to our site. If you have an interesting story or some nice photographs of the island then please help us at molyvos.eu by Registering as a contributor or sending us an email with your story.


7 thoughts on “About us

  1. We have been traveling to Lesvos for many years, but only using package holidays.
    Due back this September for three weeks, this will be our last package type holiday to this destination. As we live in the U.K. and our Thomas Cook company have taken the Manchester flight off their schedule, we will be looking at using Aegean airways. Hopefully they will be flying from Birmingham, and Manchester U.K. we can then continue to return to Lesvos, ( our favourite island ) If anyone knows when Aegean post their 2017 schedules, it would be a help for us to know. Thank you. Judith.

    • Hi Judith,

      Aegean Airlines usually release the summer schedule in September, it is best if you check once a week around that time. I would also suggest you sign up for their news letter so that you see their special offers.


  2. Revisited Lesbos last May with friends, after 16 years. Still as beautiful. So good I returned on my own in September. Won’t leave it so long next time!

  3. This is a GEM!
    The people at the museum have very warm hearts!
    The museum lies in a bend near the road, the museum itself and the house with its beautiful location is AWESOME!!

  4. I recently took a 10 day trip to Lesvos to the village where my grandparents immigrated from. It was a wonderful and moving experience to meet relatives I never knew existed and found I had more relatives than I could have imagined. There were many hugs, kisses and handshakes. I learned more about my grandparents and had a rough family tree drawn for me. It took me many years to find my roots and discovered they run deep.

    In addition the island of Lesvos is truly lovely with something for everyone. I drove all over the island, went to villages, beaches, mountains, historical and archeological sites and saw why so many people find Lesvos to be one of Greece’s best island.

    If that’s not good enough I just happen to “run” into Rob and Carol while visiting the pretty village of Lafionas. What a surprise to meet them after so many times “talking” to them on travel forums.

    Rob and Carol are great people and are very fortunate to live on Lesvos . . . a dream for many of us.

    Lesvos is worth going to and should be considered as something that the “Big Name” islands can’t give you . . . traditional Greece!

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