Museum of the Petrified Forest

The Museum of the Petrified Forest takes its visitors on a 20 million year journey back in time. Visitors can walk amongst hundreds of standing and fallen petrified trees which were covered with volcanic ash and lava.

Located in Sigri, the museum was established in 1994 to study, preserve, protect and display the world-renowned petrified forest. It is housed in a 1600 m² building. The museum is a founding member of the European Geological Park Network and has been a member of the UNESCO Geopark Network since 2004. It received the Eurosite Management award 2001 for its management of the petrified forest.

Please visit the Museum Website for opening hours and further information.


Main building Sigri

Telephone / fax: (+30) 22530 54434




Information Centre Mitilini

Telephone / fax: (+30) 22510 47033



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