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The Village Train runs daily from Molyvos – Petra – Anaxos.village train 2 The ticket office and shop in Molyvos is open daily and ticket holders can get a discount on some very nice local produce and souvenirs. Tickets can also be bought on boarding the train from the ‘conductor’. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, enjoy the views and wave at everyone as you go by. There is information in English, Greek and Turkish to keep you entertained. The views of Petra and Molyvos are wonderful. I am normally driving so I don’t get the chance to take them in properly. The road into Anaxos is a little bumpy but it is a very short stretch.

2014 Timetable

From Lefkonikos Square, Molyvos

10:00¹ 11:15 12:00¹ 13:15 14:00¹ 15:15² 18:00¹ 19:50 20:00¹ 21:00 22:00²

From the football field, Petra

10:00¹ 11:00 12:00¹ 13:00 14:00¹ 15:00³ 18:00¹ 19:00 20:00 21:00

¹ Towards the castle
² Finishes at Petra
³ Finishes at Molyvos

Ticket prices

One-round tour €4
Return ticket €5
All Day Ticket (unlimited hop-on/hop-off for one day) €7

Tickets are also available from:

Photographs of the Village Train Shop


Facebook page
Telephone +30 22530 72211


3 thoughts on “Village Train

  1. we loved the train. we loved the singing and dancing train driver ( who cares if he doesn’t speak a word of English) and we loved Ana – what a lovely smiling welcoming girl. we were there for one week and went on it twice from molyvos to annaxos.

    we want to comment on trip advisor but cant find you

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