Teriade Museum

In a quiet village on Lesvos, you will find the Teriade museum. It is a well-kept secret!

Teriade was born Stratis Eleftheriades (Στρατής Ελευθεριάδης) in Mytilene in 1889. In 1915 he moved to Paris to study law but instead started work for artistic and literary magazine Cahiers d’art, founded by his countryman Christian Zervos. In 1933 he became artistic director of Minotaure, a Surrealist-oriented publication founded by Albert Skira.

Teriade - Verve. Revue artistique et litteraireIn 1937 he founded the bilingual (French and English) review Verve, commissioning artists such as Picasso, Matisse and René Daumal to produce a series of works. Tériade died in 1983 in Paris.

The Teriade Museum opened in 1979 with an astonishing collection of paintings by world-renowned artists including Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Le Corbusier and Matisse. The works are displayed in sixteen rooms over two floors of the specially built museum. Tériade was also instrumental in bringing the work of painter and fellow Lesvos native Theophilos to international attention.

The museum is on the same site as the Theophilos Museum.

Varia, Lesvos  81100 Greece
Telephone: (+30) 22510 23372
April to September: 09:00 – 14:00 & 17:00 – 20:00
November to March: 09:00 – 17:00
Ticket Price: €2
Free admission days
27 September (International Tourism Day)
Sundays between 1 November and 31 March


Teriade Museum Location



2 thoughts on “Teriade Museum

  1. Hello,
    we have been visiting the museums many times and we want to go there again in our next holiday in September 2014. Unfortunately last year it was closed for renovation. Now my question – is it still closed this year or can we visit it in September? I would be very pleased to get an answer from you. Many thanks!

    • The museum website says that it remains closed. I have tried to telephone, there is no answer and they do not respond to emails. So I can’t even tell you when it is planned to reopen.


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