Special Diets – Taverna list

Below is a brief summary of the experiences and observations sent to me by people with special diets.


Can you help with information


Women’s Cooperative
The briam was very good. [from Erin] 

Stuffed vine leaves and beetroot salad (without the garlic sauce). A very good grasp of vegan food, for example, they didn’t put the tzatziki on the vine leaves.  [from Erin]

Imam which was gorgeous. [from Erin]


I only wanted a salad. A good understanding though, and gluten-free crispbreads. [from Erin]

Aphrodite Hotel
Has a sign at the pool bar inviting you to tell them of allergies or special requirements.

A big thank you to Erin for her feedback. Erin is a vegan and a Coeliac.

Please send an email if you can expand on these experiences.