Roman Aqueduct near Lambou Mili

Roman Aqueduct near Lambou Mili

Many visitors to Lesvos are unaware that there are two sections of the Roman aqueduct still standing.

The ‘other’ section near to Lambou Mili is relatively unknown and little visited. The main reason for this is very simple. There is very poor access for cars and a lack of usable signs. This is changing and we hope to update this information soon. The best sign is on the main Mytilini to Kalloni road north of Lambou Mili and takes you down a dirt track that requires a 4×4 (most of the time).

The alternative is to walk, and what a stunning walk it is. The walk is described in the book ‘On Foot – Circular Walks on Lesvos’. Sadly this book is becoming difficult to find. Please email us if you need any help. The walk starts at Karini which is worth a visit all on its own. There is a massive plane tree that was home to Theophilos Hatzimihail. There are also some of his original paintings visible (just) on the walls of the Taverna. From Karini the walk takes you through olive groves and pine forest with stunning views across the interior of the island. The last few hundred yards include crossing another ancient, very narrow and uneven stone bridge. The aqueduct when it comes into view sits in a deep valley in the pine forest and is incredibly beautiful. The photographs I took on the walk are below for you to enjoy.

Aqueduct location


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  1. Thanks! I have seen the sign on the roadside and tried to find the aqueduct, but failed to follow the dirt road far enough. Next time I’ll know where to find this. 🙂

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