Alternative Sailing

Alternative SailingWhy is sailing around Lesvos so special?

Sailing and Lesvos, just two words or two Worlds?

Where do they meet?

They meet in Alternative Sailing.

Read why sailing around Lesvos is a dream for the novice and expert alike and make your dreams come true.

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About Γεώργιος

I was born in Varia (then a small fishing village near Mytilene) and spent my childhood on boats or dreaming about boats. After high school, I had to live in Athens for my studies. After working as a skipper for more than 20 years in the Central Aegean (Cyclades), I came back to Lesvos to work as an architect. But, being of a restless nature, I spend most of my time as a sailing trainer, skipper, boat design and boat maintenance. With two friends I recently (but not Finally) started Alternative Sailing in order to show and share Lesvos to our guests through sailing. Visit our Facebook page

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