This update refers only to cases on Lesvos.

08 August

  • No further cases reported.

7 August

  • 3 more people have tested positive in Plomari. The first is an 80-year-old man who became ill this morning and was admitted to Mytilene Hospital. Contact tracing is in progress. The other two cases are children of the woman who was tested positive on 3 August.

3 August

  • A sixth person has tested positive in Plomari. The woman is asymptomatic and is not hospitalized. 

1 August

  • From today, face masks must be worn in all enclosed public places including churches.

31 July

  • One of the contacts that was self-isolating in Plomari has also tested positive for Covid-19.

29 July

  • From today, face masks are now mandatory for everyone in all retail shops, public service offices, banks, food stores, bakeries and elevators. Churches are excluded for the time being. Face masks continue to be mandatory on all public transport.

28 July

  • It has been announced that another member of the family of the 85-year-old from Kalloni, who died a few days ago from Covid-19, has tested positive. 

27 July

  • 4 new cases have been reported in Plomari. On 13 July, a couple returned from Georgia, they were tested in Athens on their arrival. This test was negative so they travelled on to Lesvos. In the next few days, one of them developed a mild fever and the couple were retested. These tests were both positive for the virus. Their 10-year-old son who did not travel with them also tested positive. Lastly, a male relative has also tested positive. The health centre and the Porto Espresso Bar in Plomari are closed for cleaning. Contact tracing is now underway and all contacts are self-isolating for 14 days.

22 July

  • Sadly, the death of the 83-year-old man admitted to hospital in Mytilene on 14 July was announced. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

17 July

  • From Saturday 18 July, it is mandatory for all customers and staff in supermarkets to wear a face mask.
  • The 56 year old man that tested positive on 14 July has been admitted to the special ward in Mytilene hospital for observation after developing a temperature. 
  • The 83 year old admitted 3 days ago continues to be in a stable condition.

15 July

    • The man admitted to Mytilene hospital yesterday is reported to be in a stable condition. His son is asymptomatic and his grandson has very mild symptoms.
    • Contact tracing is now complete and all tests are reported negative.
  • Tests on Kalloni health centre staff are reported negative and cleaning of the health centre was completed today.
  • Kalloni health centre will reopen Thursday 16 July. Visitors to the centre are asked to make an appointment on 22530 22222, wear face masks, observe 2 metre distancing and use hand sanitiser provided.

14 July

  • An 83 year old man, his son and grandson have tested positive for Covid-19. They had recently hosted visitors from northern Greece. All contacts are being traced. The man was first examined at Kalloni Health Centre which is closed until 20 July for cleaning. The man has been admitted to the special ward in Mytilene hospital.

12 July

  • 1 more refugee from the group rescued on 13 June tested positive today. The group will be held in quarantine for another 14 days!

27 June

  • 3 more refugees from the group of 36 rescued on 13 June have tested positive. All are asymptomatic. The group will be held in quarantine for a further 14 days and the 3 confirmed cases have been transferred to another facility.
  • Officers of the Coast Guard and all those who had come in contact with the group during their rescue have tested negative.

15 June

  • 1 refugee from a group of 36 that were rescued by the coastguard on 13 June has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The 36 refugees are in quarantine and all those that came into contact with them are being closely monitored.
  • Museums on Lesvos reopen. None medical face masks are mandatory.

1 June

  • All the refugees that arrived on 15 May are reported as testing negative for the virus

25 May

  • Molly’s Bar Opens
  • Tavernas, bars and coffee bars open.
  • Travel to/from Lesvos re-opens.

18 May

17 May

  • Places of worship reopen.

15 May

  • All 71 refugees held in quarantine have now been tested. Two further positive results are reported making a total of four. All the tests on people who came into contact with the refugees are reported negative. This includes 15 locals, 2 soldiers, 2 coast guards and a member of an international organisation.

12 May

  • 2 refugees have tested positive for COVID-19. Early reports suggest they arrived by boat on Wednesday 6 May with 51 other refugees and were detected following random checks. All new arrivals are held in quarantine away from Moria camp. 

4 May

  • Easing of some Lockdown measures
    • Removal of the need for Movement Permit.
    • Some shops now allowed to open.

30 March

  • Sadly, the lady from Agia Paraskevi died in Mytilene hospital on Sunday afternoon. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. The lady’s daughter and granddaughter have both tested positive, taking the number of confirmed cases to six. Both are in good health.
  • All other samples sent for testing were reported negative.

29 March

  • A 76 year-old lady from Agia Paraskevi was admitted to Mytilene hospital on Thursday and tested for COVID-19. The result was confirmed positive yesterday, becoming the 4th case. There is concern as there is no known link to any of the existing cases and the lady has not left the island. The daughter of the woman is a nurse at Kalloni and Polichnitos Health Centres. Both are now closed for cleaning and the daughter is self-isolating. Mytilene Hospital is trying to trace all contacts for testing.

26 March

  • Lady from Filia has had a negative result.
  • No reported cases in Moria camp.

25 March

  • Lady from Plomari now recovered and returned home.
  • A businessman from Mytilene recently returned home from Thailand.
  • Lady from Filia in Mytilene hospital. Inconclusive test.
  • The Wife of case 2 that travelled with him.
  • No reported cases in Moria camp.

23 March

  • Lockdown begins. We can only leave home in ‘special’ circumstances and with a permit.

21 March

  • Only Island residents and delivery vehicles are allowed to travel to the Greek Islands.

13 March

  • Closure of all shopping malls, cafes, restaurants, and bars, apart from takeaway and delivery services.
  • All museums and archaeological sites closed.

18 March

  • All retail shops are closed except for pharmacies and food stores.

14 March

  • Organized beaches and ski resorts were closed

13 March

  • malls, cafés, restaurants, bars, beauty parlours, museums and archaeological sites were closed

12 March

  • movie theatres, gyms and courtrooms were closed

10 March

  • All schools and universities in Greece were closed.
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