Oh no!

Last year I joined fellow villagers and firemen on the hill behind our house. Armed only with a branch from a tree I spent 4 long, hot hours trying to help control a wild fire.

This year we got to 20th of August without a fire. Perhaps the arsonist has gone away?

Tonight at 22:15 the all too familiar smell of burning shook us out of our complacency.

The all too familiar sight and sound of fire trucks rushing to the scene.

So the pattern has started again. 2 fires, always 2 fires.

Please let this person be caught before somebody is hurt (or worse).


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We started visiting Lesvos such a long time ago we can't remember when. We simply fell in love with the island in general and Molyvos in particular. In 2005 we bought some land and tried to manage the building of our house from the UK. Holidays became site visits and our house was [mostly] completed in 2007. In 2009 we sold up in the UK and moved to Molyvos. This is now our home and we count ourselves amongst the luckiest of the lucky. I am a member of the Molyvos Tourist Association, providing photographs for their brochures and general publicity. Most of my time is spent on activities to encourage tourism or taking photographs of one of the most beautiful places on earth. I also produce calendars and sell them on-line through Lesvos Calendars. Please visit and have a look. You can also see more of my photographs on my  Robin Sanders Photography website.

2 thoughts on “Oh no!

  1. Sorry to hear this. Hope there is not too much damage & indeed that whoever is doing this is caught. Have been following the fires on Chios for the past week – the devastation there is horrific! Fortunately no lives lost, but livelihoods in ruins. Stay safe on Lesvos!

    • Luckily both were small fires and were quickly dealt with. The fires on Chios are a chilling example of how things can rapidly get very bad. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for early rain to dampen the tinderbox down.

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