Thomas Cook fly to Lesvos in 2014

Thomas Cook are now showing flights to Mytilene:Thomas Cook Airlines

  • TCX 1812 leaving from Gatwick at 07:40 on Saturdays
  • TCX 2354 leaving from Manchester at 11:45 on Wednesdays

These are in addition to the Monarch flights:
Monarch Airlines

  • MON 7826 leaving from Gatwick at 05:50 on Saturdays
  • MON 1874 leaving from Manchester at 06:15 on Saturdays

Now before you start to cheer loudly, check the prices. The Wednesday flight from Manchester is currently very expensive. This is a positive move and I am sure that prices will settle down once the new schedules become established.

Let us all hope that this is a long term commitment and not just a single season experiment.

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We started visiting Lesvos such a long time ago we can't remember when. We simply fell in love with the island in general and Molyvos in particular. In 2005 we bought some land and tried to manage the building of our house from the UK. Holidays became site visits and our house was [mostly] completed in 2007. In 2009 we sold up in the UK and moved to Molyvos. This is now our home and we count ourselves amongst the luckiest of the lucky. I am a member of the Molyvos Tourist Association, providing photographs for their brochures and general publicity. Most of my time is spent on activities to encourage tourism or taking photographs of one of the most beautiful places on earth. I also produce calendars and sell them on-line through Lesvos Calendars. Please visit and have a look. You can also see more of my photographs on my  Robin Sanders Photography website.

6 thoughts on “Thomas Cook fly to Lesvos in 2014

  1. Marvellous news about these additional flights … Lesbos needs the tourists back & it’s a beautiful island to visit !

  2. Great news! Lesvos is such a beautiful island and deserves more visitors. I really miss Molyvos, and can’t wait to go back.

  3. were all wishing the increased flights into lesvos will boost tourism but is the island really about packing as many flights as you can having been a frequent visitor for 20 plus years the pull of the island is the get away from tourist based corfus rhodes mykonos and the rest of the rat race all though one or two more aircraft wont make a difference with the island being so vast i still feel a fine line could be broken if the increase in traffic was to expand to much if you want to see real greece lesvos is a prime example of one of the very few still about to much air traffic could eventually kill this beautiful island off

  4. I too love Lesvos and particularly Anaxos which is truly unspoilt Greece at it’s best. However, on booking to return this July was very disappointed to find that Monarch are no longer flying to Lesvos. Flight from Manchester is now with Thomas Cook at 13:50, it was always 6:00 with Monarch, meaning a late arrival with a long transfer. this will not prevent me holidaying each year in Lesvos but getting to resort so late at night is not ideal.

    • You could look at flights from Birmingham. It is currently scheduled to leave at 05:10. Prices are also cheaper than Manchester (at the moment).

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