Ceramic tradition of Lesvos

Handmade and wheel-thrown pots discovered during the archaeological excavation at the prehistoric settlement in Loutropolis Thermi prove that the ceramic tradition of Lesvos is over 5000 years old. The area around Mantamados was of particular importance judging by the number of abandoned kilns that still exist in the district today.

The ceramic tradition of Lesvos is still maintained today in workshops where you can watch the throwing and hand decoration of pots, bowls and plates. You can feel the heat of the kilns that fire the finished work and then buy a very local handcrafted souvenir. One such workshop is run by Stelios Stamatis and it can be found on the main road that runs through the village (see the map below).The ceramic tradition of Lesvos is still maintained today. The pots, plates and bowls are decorated with traditional themes such as pomegranates, olives and flowers.

Where to find Stelios Stamatis Workshop


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