Mytilene Castle

If you want information about Mytilene Castle, please visit the new page

You can find it in the “Things to do” – “Ancient Sites” section.

There is even a map showing the location of the entrance.

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I first visited Lesvos in 2001 - only my second trip to Greece - and I knew I had found the perfect island.  I enjoy walking and exploring - even after seven visits there are many places still to be discovered.  Having at first arrived via the package route (but always done our own thing!) my partner and I now travel independently, hire a 4WD & stay in 3 or 4 locations around the island during a stay.  This allows more variety in places to see, places to eat and a different view in the mornings. Apart from the scenery and the food what I really love are the people.  We have met so many interesting people on our travels and they always welcome us back like old friends. Our last visit was in 2013 and our next is already on the drawing board.

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