Two left feet

What a lovely picture of the Greek Dancing Association ladies on the Welcome page of this website [and below]. Their faces positively glow with happiness.

But what makes the picture so special for us is that, during our many holidays at the wonderful Eriphilly Apartments, the ladies on the extreme left and right and in the middle of this line-up have tried (some would say in vain) to teach us the rudiments of Greek dancing.

If anyone reading this hasn’t yet tried it, you have to give it a go, despite the fact that you will look like a Friday night drunkard until you get the sequence into your head. It usually takes a few beers and ouzos to get my wife and I on our feet, but with a lot of patience and understanding from the aforementioned three ladies, we have each slowly managed to shed one of our two left feet and progressed beyond creating the impression of someone trying to copy Jake the Peg with his extra leg.

Molyvos Greek Dancing Association

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I am a retired daily paper journalist with nearly 50 years service on the Bolton Evening News and Manchester Evening News in North West England. Twenty years ago, my old boss told me he had found “a lovely little harbour town” in Greece which we might like – so we came to Molyvos and immediately fell in love with the place and its people. Since then, we have been back every year for holidays of up to a month at a time, sometimes twice a year, and still we keep discovering little nooks and crannies in Molyvos we never knew existed. Over the years, we have been to at least 20 other Greek islands, but none compare to Lesvos, particularly if you are a keen birdwatcher like my wife Sheila and I. We regularly submit articles and pictures to the Lesvos Birders site on Facebook, which has members from many parts of the world. Indirectly, we hope our love of the island and its hugely varied bird life is helping the island’s tourism industry in some small way. We are back in Molyvos again in spring 2013 for three weeks, looking forward to another wonderful bird migration season. We know there are so many problems affecting the island’s tourism at present – not least the fact that there is now only one package holiday company operating flights from the UK – but we are so pleased that Robin, through his new website, is making a big effort to tell the world about this wonderful place

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