Flavours of Greece

Are you dreaming of your next Greek holiday? Are you are missing the flavours of Greece? A mouthful of pure sunshine and love!

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We are not going to claim it’s as good as being here with the cool waters of the Aegean washing away your cares and the sunshine warming your bones. But if you can’t be here, well you might as well enjoy some of the flavours of Greece.

Flavours of Greece


What are your favourite Flavours of Greece?


Autumn RainSummer is now almost over. When the very last charter flight takes summer visitors back home on October 29th, we will all feel that Autumn is truly here.

October has so far been warm and sunny but it looks like the rains will arrive on the 23rd. You can find out what the weather is doing in Molyvos by visiting the Molyvos Weather Station.

All of the tourist industry is now winding down (if not already closed) and Lesvos is preparing for winter. You might think that this will mean lots of relaxation and catching up on sleep. There is however just the small matter of picking the olives from more than 11 million olive trees that cover over a quarter of the island! It is very hard, back breaking work that results in world famous, award winning oliveOlive Oil fresh from Stypsi oil. Next time you visit Lesvos you must take time to visit the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Agia Paraskevi.

So while the winter rains (and snows perhaps) are falling there is something you can do to keep just a little ‘summer’ alive. Read through some of our pages and start to plan where you will visit next year. Lesvos is blessed. There is so much to see, so much to do and so much to experience. Lesvos has already started preparing for your visit.

Make sure you are ready!

Where do donkeys go on holiday?

Molyvos DonkeysThe answer was there in front of me. As I sat outside this morning drinking my morning coffee, they were happily munching away without a care in the world in the field opposite our house. After they have eaten all they want they go ambling over into the shade for a nice siesta. What could be nicer. They are then ready for their early evening work of a nice trip out to show visitors some of the coastline. When their owners appear and they are called to the gate with a loud “Ella Ella”, their ears are pricked and there is a sudden rush to get to the gate first. I am sure they are saying “pick me, pick me”. Occasionally there are a couple that can’t be bothered and they slink off to hide under the trees. Perhaps they just want to sit in the quiet and enjoy the beautiful views that surround them.

Molyvos Donkeys

Καλή χρονιά – Happy New Year

Despite all the warnings, the world did not end on December 21 (well if it did, I apologise, but nobody told me). So 2013 is here and I wanted to wish you all Καλή χρονιά. Molyvos harbour 1st Jan 2013On New Year’s day, Molyvos was bathed in beautiful warming sunshine and we took the opportunity to sit out by the harbour and enjoy a coffee whilst watching the world go by. It is true that not much of the world did go by, winter here is very quiet, or perhaps the rest of the world did end and we missed it. That would be typical of the laid back attitude here, the world ends and Lesvos forgot to turn up! So assuming that there are still people out there to read this, I hope that in 2013 you

  1. find happiness
  2. enjoy fantastic health
  3. visit Lesvos and fall even deeper under its spell

Happy Christmas

I hope that you have all been good boys and girls and Santa has brought you everything you deserve.

Perhaps 2013 will see you visiting Lesvos and enjoying its beauty and culture.

Best wishes for the coming year to you and yours from molyvos.eu.