About Anthony

Photographer and writer, I have lived part of the year in Vrisa for the past 6 years. We missed the earthquake by 36 hrs…! We were lucky as our house is Green.

Skala Polichnitou

What can I say about Skala Polichnitou? When people think about small Greek ports, they will generally adopt a dreamy look and start to talk longingly about an idyllic small harbour with working fishing-boats, salty fishermen mending nets with their fingers and toes, quirky tavernas with withering music, locals playing incomprehensible games of cards with shouts and slapping of hands on the table. They will muse on old friends sipping Ouzo or small coffees, watching the seagulls wheel, while they chat about families and friends. 

Skala Polichnitou sunset

Such a port is in fact a reality,
it is called Skala Polichnitou. 

It sits artistically near the entrance of the Gulf of Kalloni – otherwise known as Aristotle’s Lagoon. The numerous small ouzerias and tavernas serve fresh seafood, grilled meat and excellent vegetable dishes. There is a constant flow of boats, cold beer, coffees, conversation and friends.  It is an ideal place to wander along the seafront where there is a good swimming beach, or just sit in the shade of the Psarotaverna and contentedly watch the world go slowly by …

How to find Skala Polichnitou