Day 1 of the Aegean Regatta

The Aegean Regatta has now left Molyvos. What an amazing few days it has been. The Regatta brings a vibrancy and urgency to Molyvos which is normally totally relaxing. I am sure that everyone who visited during this time will take away memories of a very different Molyvos.

This is a fantastic video of the start of the Regatta from YouTube. You might not speak Greek but the images are stunning.

Aegean Regatta Postcards

At last I can tell you about a project I have been helping the Tourist Association with. To mark the 2013 Aegean Regatta, ELTA (the Greek Post Office) is releasing a set of 10 Aegean Regatta Postcards in a folder. They feature landscapes from Petra, Molyvos and Skala Sykaminias. I am really pleased to be able to tell you that 7 of the images used in the folder and postcard set are mine. My 15 minutes of fame has arrived at last!

Aegean Regatta PostcardsThe sets are available now from the Post Office in Molyvos and will also be available from a kiosk in Molyvos Harbour during the Regatta weekend. They cost €7.80 for the set, a real bargin.

If you can’t get to Molyvos and would like a set, simply send me an email and I will give you details of how we can get them to you.

Who will you send your Aegean Regatta Postcards to?

There are also special commemorative sets of 4 envelopes and 10 stamps available on line directly from Hellenic Post’s philately website.