Lesvos Landscapes

Lesvos LandscapesThe 3rd edition of Lesvos Landscapes by Brian and Eileen Anderson is now available. It has been updated for 2014 and is a useful source of information about Lesvos as well as containing walks and car tours to get you up off your sunbed and out exploring the wonders of the island.

The second edition has been a useful addition to our collection for the past 5 years. It has been out on walks with us and kept us company in the car, so it is beginning to look just a little ‘loved’. The book includes five car tours which should give inspiration to those less adventurous or able. Lesvos is beautiful and full of hidden wonders. This guide will help you find some of those treasures.

You can read more about the book as well as find places to buy a copy by clicking on the Sunflower Books banner below.

Sunflower Books

ISBN 978-1-85691-439-0

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