Lets go fly a kite!

Kite Flying near Molyvos Castle.Kite flying is a traditional end to Carnival in Greece. It is a time for families to spend time together and have some fun. Spring has already arrived in Lesvos so there was a good turn out to enjoy the warming sun and fly their kites.

Many people make their own kites and there is competition to have the prettiest kit. The real battle though is to see who can fly their kite the highest.

In Molyvos people gathered on the land at the top of the hill close to the castle. From here the top flyers were mere distant specks in the sky over the sea. A few kites managed to escape and take refuge in trees. I will spare their owners blushes by not showing the pictures.

Kite Flying near Molyvos Castle.  Kite Flying near Molyvos Castle.Kite Flying