Molyvos Landslide

Landslide in Molyvos 201425 March 2014 –  After heavy overnight rain, there was a small landslide in Molyvos onto the main road to the harbour. As the road was deserted, nobody was hurt and no vehicles damaged. You might well look at the pictures and wonder “small landslide”? Well, the pictures show the results of a rather big digger pulling down further soil and rocks that the engineer had decided was unsafe. Approx 8-10 tonnes of rock was brought down with the heaviest single piece being in the region of 2 tonnes, I am pretty glad that did not land on my foot or my car! If you are wondering where exactly the landslide was, the wooden building on the left in the picture above is the “Blue Fox”. Landslide in Molyvos 2014Thursday 27 March – work continues to clear the road and make safe the land above the road. The only road to the harbour is the road through the centre of the village. This is mostly only one car wide, so you might imagine the problems that this is causing.

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