Lesvos aerial video


I have just found stunning aerial videos taken around the coast of Lesvos.

Click on the locations below to see the Lesvos aerial video from some of my favourite locations.

The entire coast of Lesvos is covered. I keep finding beaches that I love and want to add to the list, so visit the website to see your favourite.
Lesvos Aerial Video
These videos show Lesvos from angles that most of us just don’t see and will make you fall in love all over again.

Now, will somebody do a video like this of Agiassos? PLEASE!

Beautiful Videos of Lesvos

If you are planning your first visit to Lesvos and want to get a flavour of the island or you want to re-live your visit, these beautiful videos of Lesvos by Atlasvisual will most certainly meet your needs. Each video is set to music and shows wonderful views of the featured town. It makes me realise that even after 4 years living on the island, there is still so much that I need to explore.

The Salt Flats at Alikes

If you enjoyed that, there are videos about Molyvos, Petra, Skala Kaloni, Eressos, Sigri, Ipsilou, Mantamados and Taxiarhes village (near Mytilene).

View the rest of the videos here.

The YouTube videos have a pop up advert, click on the “x” in the corner to make it disappear. Remember that the video producer needs to make a living somehow.

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