Lesvos aerial video


I have just found stunning aerial videos taken around the coast of Lesvos.

Click on the locations below to see the Lesvos aerial video from some of my favourite locations.

The entire coast of Lesvos is covered. I keep finding beaches that I love and want to add to the list, so visit the website to see your favourite.
Lesvos Aerial Video
These videos show Lesvos from angles that most of us just don’t see and will make you fall in love all over again.

Now, will somebody do a video like this of Agiassos? PLEASE!

Contributors needed

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Heat wave and beautiful light

If you are about to visit Lesvos, you really should know that this is one hot destination.

Literally that is. We have ‘enjoyed’ temperatures 5° C to 7º C above the average for the past 5 weeks.

While you enjoy your holiday, spare a thought for the local workers who have to cook, clean and look after you. It’s hot outside but even hotter in the kitchen.

Our favourite time is sunrise. It’s cooler and everywhere is quiet and bathed in the most glorious light. It reminds me of one of the many reasons we came to live here. Photographers of the world take note – if you have not visited Lesvos, you are missing the most amazing and inspiring light on earth.