I wish I was in Molyvos

I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing right now other than sitting outside The Seahorse Hotel on Molyvos harbour with a cold Mythos, or better still a nice chilled glass of white wine, watching the world go by. What is it about this place that tugs at the heartstrings so? There are numerous pretty Greek Islands, and there are are plenty of attractive harbours all around the world, and I have been lucky enough to see quite a lot of both, but this place has a magical quality that truly cannot be matched anywhere else.

Of course, we are not alone, in fact, we are veritable newcomers, visiting for just the last 10 years or so. Many, many more have been coming for decades and countless other Brits, Dutch, Germans and many more nationalities now call Molyvos home.

Two left feet

What a lovely picture of the Greek Dancing Association ladies on the Welcome page of this website [and below]. Their faces positively glow with happiness.

But what makes the picture so special for us is that, during our many holidays at the wonderful Eriphilly Apartments, the ladies on the extreme left and right and in the middle of this line-up have tried (some would say in vain) to teach us the rudiments of Greek dancing.

If anyone reading this hasn’t yet tried it, you have to give it a go, despite the fact that you will look like a Friday night drunkard until you get the sequence into your head. It usually takes a few beers and ouzos to get my wife and I on our feet, but with a lot of patience and understanding from the aforementioned three ladies, we have each slowly managed to shed one of our two left feet and progressed beyond creating the impression of someone trying to copy Jake the Peg with his extra leg.

Molyvos Greek Dancing Association

Your donkey is eating my vegetables


We’ve lived here for 3 years now and our grasp of the Greek language is coming along, although very slowly. In a taverna or restaurant we can order all of our food and drink in pretty good Greek, even if I do say so myself. It’s once the conversation turns to other aspects of village life that we start to struggle.

It’s a little late today, but last night we need the Greek for (you guessed)……

“Your donkey is eating my vegetables!”


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