Aegean Airlines Magazine

Aegean Airlines MagazineLesvos is front page news in Aegean Airlines magazine “Blue”. The cover has a photograph of Molyvos and invites you to “Explore Majestic Lesvos”.

The article (page 136 for those in a rush to find it) gives “Five reasons to revisit the northeastern Aegean island that has it all.” These are:
♥   Traditional cuisine
♥   Charming villages
♥   The beaches
♥   The unique features of the bays
♥   The petrified forest

These are indeed great reasons to revisit Lesvos, they are also perfect to attract the first time visitor. If you love Lesvos then you will know that the island has many more unique features that make it an unmissable travel destination. We just need to make sure that the world knows what a gem this beautiful island is.

Thank you to Aegean Airlines magazine for helping spread the word.


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Aegean Airlines announce 15 new destinations

AEGEAN announced today the addition of 15 new destinations from Athens in 2014, reaching to 47 overall international destinations from Athens. The new destinations include: Birmingham in England, Marseille and Nantes in France, Zurich in Switzerland, Hamburg, Hanover and Nuremberg in Germany, Copenhagen in Denmark, Catania in Italy, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Beirut in Lebanon and Paphos in Cyprus, as well as 4 additional cities for considering inter alia, Stockholm, Sweden or Oslo in Norway, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Aegean also announced that they will be increasing capacity during July – September.

AEGEAN’s Vice-President noted: “The conditions for the establishment of a stronger carrier, which will be able to stand in the highly competitive environment that has developed in the region, are created. Our goal is AEGEAN and Olympic Air to lead in the changes in the tourism market in the country and the region. Sensing the responsibility towards the state, the society and the passengers, we are committed to ensure the overall coverage of the Greece’s territory, providing access to the smallest island, as well as to continue the strategic strengthening of tourism development of Athens and the main tourist destinations in the region with even higher quality services and competitive prices. ”


Read the full Press Release here.