Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014

The list of Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014 was published some weeks ago. We did not post the detail here because the blueflag.org website had one of the beaches in the wrong place on its location map. I originally contacted them 12 months ago to point out the issue. We have exchanged frequent very polite emails while they promised to sort the map out “quickly”.

08:15,Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014  28 May 2014 I visited the web site and the new list of Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014 was posted, but with Nyfida still in the wrong place (It was marked at Sigri which does not have a blue flag). Sadly I ran out of patience and sent a very abrupt email and posted the picture opposite on their facebook page together with some choice comments about our 12 month correspondence.

11:33, 28 May 2014 I received an email telling me that the problem has now been corrected. A quick check and behold, the map is now showing Nyfida blue flag beach at Nyfida and not Sigri.  It has only taken 12 months, but with a little pushing from molyvos.eu they have, at last put it right.

Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014

So…. The correct Lesvos blue flag beaches 2014 are:

  • Anaxos
  • Eftalou /Ag. Anargyroi
  • Kagia
  • Molyvos
  • Nyfida
  • Petra
  • Skala Eresou
  • Tsamakia

You can view the map at the blueflag.org website by clicking here. 

Kampos beach

I am walking alone because I want to be alone” – Greta Garbo in The Single Standard (1929). If those words could be yours, then Kampos beach just might be the place for you.

Kampos BeachWe visited the beach in late May and felt like we were the only people on the planet. As you can see in the picture opposite there is a small picnic area with some shade so that you can enjoy a snack out of the sun. That is the only facility available on the beach. There are no sunbeds, umbrellas, bars or tavernas. You will need to provide your own refreshments. The beach itself is mostly sandy and the water was beautiful and clear on the day that we visited. The winter storms had washed up some pieces of wood and the obligatory crop of empty water bottles. With nobody ‘managing’ the beach these are only going to be removed if visitors do the removing. In the hope that we will encourage you to follow suit, we picked up some plastic bottles and took them away.

So why visit Kampos beach? Peace. Quiet. Getting away from civilisation. In this hectic overcrowded world, it is nice to find your very own deserted corner. The beach is reached from the road to Gavathas. My advice is to ignore the first “Kampos Beach” sign and continue on to the second signed turning. After about 500 metres the road drops into a dry concrete river bed. Follow the signs and follow the river for approximately another 1000 metres. You have arrived.

If you fancy eating in a ‘real’ Greek taverna then go back up the river to where you joined it and turn left. Immediately there is a taverna. We were invited to visit the kitchen in true Greek style to select our food. We had fantastic Kalamari with a Greek salad, stuffed courgette flowers and okra cooked slowly in the oven with olive oil and tomatoes. It was a beautiful meal finished with apricots which the owner picked from the tree outside the taverna for us.

Kampos Beach Location


Blue Flag Beaches of Lesvos

The Blue Flag beaches for 2013 have been announced by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN).

Lesvos has 10 beaches that will fly the blue flag for the 2013 season.

Blue Flag Beaches 2013 List

Blue Flag Beaches

  • Agios Isidoros
  • Anaxos
  • Eftalou / Ag. Anargyri
  • Kagia
  • Kanoni Thermis
  • Nyfida
  • Petra
  • Skala Eressou
  • Tsamakia
  • Vatera

The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services.

The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the non-government, non-profit organisation the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Many people are not aware that the Blue Flag Programme looks at many things, not just water quality. The more remote beaches around Greece will not get a blue flag because of the lack of organised services. It is this very aspect that makes them so appealing to many people, me included. Sitting on a deserted beach miles from civilization followed by a swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea is one of life’s joys. The Blue Flag Beaches on Lesvos are worthy of note, but remember that they are by definition going to be ‘organised’ and more popular. Why not be Robinson Crusoe for a day on a beach a little more remote, more private, more ‘special’.

You can read more about some of Lesvos’ less well publicised beaches in our Beautiful Lesvos Beaches section.

Agios Ermogenis

South of Mytilene airport the road stays close to the coast, with wide views across the sea to Turkey on your left and hills covered with thick vegetation rising on the right to the ridge that runs northwards along the centre of the peninsula.  As it heads for the end of the peninsula the road turns inland and eventually arrives at a junction. If you keep to the right you will head back north along the Gulf of Gera towards Loutra.  However, if you take the left-hand junction at this point the road narrows down to a dead-end at pine trees overlooking a jaw-dropping view of the bay at Agios Ermogenis.

Agios Ermoghenis

Below you is a beautiful cove with clear turquoise waters, a rocky shore, a white church and vivid blue paint details on adjacent buildings that create a scene reminiscent of the Cyclades.  There are two small south-facing beaches, separated by a rocky outcrop.  You can park at the roadside under the trees, or drive down a short dirt track to a car park and here is a fish taverna with a shady terrace overlooking the glistening sea and a small fishing jetty.  The iconic little church is a short walk away and its walls provide a shady picnic spot as well as further panoramic views.  It is worth a look inside – there are modern paintings of saints and a fresco on the interior of the high dome.

This is a popular beach spot for locals from Mytilene at weekends, but catch it mid-week out of season and you may have the place to yourself.  This has to be one of the scenic highlight locations of the whole island.

Agios Ermogenis Agios Ermogenis - Gulf of Gera Agios Ermogenis - Gulf of Gera Agios Ermogenis - Gulf of GeraAgios Ermogenis - Gulf of Gera  Ag Ermogenis - Church

Agios Ermogenis Location