Temple of Messon

On Monday we went to visit the ‘Mesa Sanctuary’. When we got there we were greated by

Mesa Sanctuary Opening times

CLOSED MONDAYS ! ! ! A number of ‘bad’ words came to mind.

As we stood at the gate reading the sign, a man appeared. He opened the gate and with a gentle wave and an “Ella” he invited us in.

Temple of Messon   Temple of Messon or Mesa Sanctuary, Lesvos

Why is this beautiful, tranquil corner of Lesvos not advertised more? They have recently finished building a museum area and planted the grounds. We walked through the site to the wonderful sound of bird song.

If you are visiting Lesvos, you should not miss visiting the Mesa Sanctuary.

As we left, we passed our host. I pointed at the opening hours and smiled, hoping that he would understand my ‘question’. “I thought that people might come” he said.

“ευχαριστώ πολύ”

The site is now open on Modays and closed on Tuesdays. There is a €3 entrance fee.


Temple of Messon Location