The Colours of Spring

Lesvos has a different ‘coat’ for each season and each coat has many different colours. The colours can sometimes be subtle but frequently the colours of spring are bold and beautiful. They can take your breath away.

Close up the colours become even more vivid. Below are a few photographs with just some of the many colours of spring.


What am I?

I thought that you might be interested in a little quiz!

This morning I took a photograph. When I looked at it and zoomed in, I found a little section that could be……

You tell me. What do you think this is?

What am I?

Leave your answer as a comment and I will add another clue later.


Lesvos Lightning

On 6 August we had another spectacular electrical storm. Lesvos Lightning can be dramatic and the gaps between strikes can sometimes be counted in seconds. Below is a very short video that gives you some idea of the ‘fun’. Luckily for us, the rain didn’t arrive so we could sit on out on our doorstep and admire the show.

I am not sure that the people of Sigri and Eressos would have enjoyed it quite as much, the ground strikes seemed to be mostly in their direction. As you can see from the times of the strikes, that was a pretty hectic 10 minutes. I should also say that I did miss quite a few others in that period! These are just the most spectacular.

If you have any pictures of the Lesvos Lightning Show then please email them to us, we would love to share them.

Of course, we had plenty of time to prepare as Weather Underground gave a pretty accurate forecast. I like to think that was because of the data coming from the Molyvos Weather Station, but I suspect others had a hand in it too.

The Birds and Bees

Little BitternBird watchers and naturalists travel long distances to view natures wonder. Living on Lesvos has so many joys. Our close neighbours nearly fell over the Little Bittern that was standing to attention on the wall of their rose garden. He stood there for over an hour, pretending to be a reed so that nobody would notice him. Sadly reeds are not common in Pat’s rose garden so he stood out just a little. He was very patient when I arrived to photograph him, posing perfectly as you can see.

Back at our house many of the flowers are at their most striking in the mid-day sun. The Passion Flower in our garden looks and smells wonderful. The Carpenter Bees that arrive in the morning are a brilliant iridescent blue in the sunshine. As the day progresses they pick up pollen on their backs, eventually turning them almost completely yellow.Carpenter Bee

As we admired them a loud humming noise darted past my ear. A Hummingbird Hawk Moth heading to the Passion Flower Café for lunch. This was a little harder to get close to as they are nervous creatures and move very quickly. With a little patience, I eventually snapped him taking nectar from a nearby flower.

Hummingbird Hawk MothNow we have to admit that we don’t know what these flowers are. A special prize (a free coffee at our place) to the first person to come up with the answer.

Every day that we live here there is something that fills us with awe and reminds us how lucky we are to live in such a very magical place.