The Colours of Spring

Lesvos has a different ‘coat’ for each season and each coat has many different colours. The colours can sometimes be subtle but frequently the colours of spring are bold and beautiful. They can take your breath away.

Close up the colours become even more vivid. Below are a few photographs with just some of the many colours of spring.


Is it Spring?

Anenome coronaria - Crown Anenome

Well, the flowers and animals seem to think so! The birds are singing, the bees are out buzzing and the wildflowers have burst into a riot of colour. It’s still rather early so we are hoping that they have got it right and that winter does not have a sting in the tail.

Today it has been 18° C and we have both caught the sun whilst working in the garden (well bog mostly, but I’m sure it will dry out quickly). I spotted these little guys (or girls) and just could not resist trying to capture them (photographically). Click on the picture to get a bigger view.

Bee Chrysolina americana - Rosemary Beetle