About Vladislav

Born in former Soviet Union, Vladislav Shabalin has lived in Italy since 1992 and has worked as a restorer of fossils in a palentological laboratory for nearly 20 years. His previous works include the sound installation "Aquarium", which premiered in Basel in June 2011 and was created in collaboration with Greek-American avant-garde composer, vocalist and pianist Diamanda Galás. Info: www.shabalin.it/earlybird-project

The Earlybird Project

Earlybird Project

An international art project has landed in Lesvos, involving, in particular, the Petrified Forest and the Natural History Museum in Sigri.

The Earlybird Project is an environmental-themed art project by Russian-Italian artist Vladislav Shabalin which avails itself of the collaboration of the British progressive rock band Van Der Graaf Generator Continue reading