About Kay

I live in Bury, Lancashire with my husband, Phill. Mother to two grown up daughters and Grandmother to Alex, Riley & Lilly (aged 14, 6 & 4). Whilst I am waiting for my lottery numbers to come up, I while away my day working as a Car Rental Manager in Bolton. I have worked in the car hire industry now for almost 24 years. I love my job and love the company that I work for. I am a bit of an amateur photographer and Lesvos is a place where I love to snap, snap, snap away. Also in the last twelve months, I have fulfilled a long-held desire to sing in a choir and am a member of Ramsbottom Choral Society, which I enjoy immensely. With a holiday allocation of just 22 days per year, we do not get to Lesvos nearly as much as we would like. We do try to get back each year, but sometimes it is every two. We fell in love with Lesvos from our first holiday there nearly 10 years ago. From the moment we stepped off the plane there was something very different. Talking to various people at the airport, we soon realised that a very large percentage of the people on the plane were on their 3rd, 4th, 5th......10th......20th! visit to Lesvos. They were greeted by the rep's as old friends. What could possibly be so special to make so many people return again & again & again? We had always been the type of people who never returned to the same place over & over again, that couldn't possibly happen to us, could it? We soon found out. Never have we ever felt so relaxed and totally at home whilst on holiday. On that first visit, we stayed in Anaxos, but it didn't take us very long to find Molyvos and from then on there was no turning back.....it is Molyvos every time.          

I wish I was in Molyvos

I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing right now other than sitting outside The Seahorse Hotel on Molyvos harbour with a cold Mythos, or better still a nice chilled glass of white wine, watching the world go by. What is it about this place that tugs at the heartstrings so? There are numerous pretty Greek Islands, and there are are plenty of attractive harbours all around the world, and I have been lucky enough to see quite a lot of both, but this place has a magical quality that truly cannot be matched anywhere else.

Of course, we are not alone, in fact, we are veritable newcomers, visiting for just the last 10 years or so. Many, many more have been coming for decades and countless other Brits, Dutch, Germans and many more nationalities now call Molyvos home.