Aegean Regatta Postcards

At last I can tell you about a project I have been helping the Tourist Association with. To mark the 2013 Aegean Regatta, ELTA (the Greek Post Office) is releasing a set of 10 Aegean Regatta Postcards in a folder. They feature landscapes from Petra, Molyvos and Skala Sykaminias. I am really pleased to be able to tell you that 7 of the images used in the folder and postcard set are mine. My 15 minutes of fame has arrived at last!

Aegean Regatta PostcardsThe sets are available now from the Post Office in Molyvos and will also be available from a kiosk in Molyvos Harbour during the Regatta weekend. They cost €7.80 for the set, a real bargin.

If you can’t get to Molyvos and would like a set, simply send me an email and I will give you details of how we can get them to you.

Who will you send your Aegean Regatta Postcards to?

There are also special commemorative sets of 4 envelopes and 10 stamps available on line directly from Hellenic Post’s philately website.

Blue Flag Beaches of Lesvos

The Blue Flag beaches for 2013 have been announced by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN).

Lesvos has 10 beaches that will fly the blue flag for the 2013 season.

Blue Flag Beaches 2013 List

Blue Flag Beaches

  • Agios Isidoros
  • Anaxos
  • Eftalou / Ag. Anargyri
  • Kagia
  • Kanoni Thermis
  • Nyfida
  • Petra
  • Skala Eressou
  • Tsamakia
  • Vatera

The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Other Services.

The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the non-government, non-profit organisation the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

Many people are not aware that the Blue Flag Programme looks at many things, not just water quality. The more remote beaches around Greece will not get a blue flag because of the lack of organised services. It is this very aspect that makes them so appealing to many people, me included. Sitting on a deserted beach miles from civilization followed by a swim in the crystal clear Aegean Sea is one of life’s joys. The Blue Flag Beaches on Lesvos are worthy of note, but remember that they are by definition going to be ‘organised’ and more popular. Why not be Robinson Crusoe for a day on a beach a little more remote, more private, more ‘special’.

You can read more about some of Lesvos’ less well publicised beaches in our Beautiful Lesvos Beaches section.

Storm Damage

Storm damage in PetraMarch storms have damaged part of the seafront road in Petra and caused further damage on the road to Eftalou.
Lesvos Mayor Dimitris Vounatsou visited Petra on Saturday 23 March with other officials to view the situation. As well as the damage that can be seen in these pictures, large piles of sand, rocks and seaweed was washed onto the main road making it impassible. An urgent clean Storm Damage Petraup was put into place to ensure that the Independence Day celebrations could take place.

The coast road between Molyvos and Eftalou (which was damaged in 2010) suffered further damage. The already collapsed areas have sunk further and more areas have now been sectioned off as they are unsafe.

Storm Damage EftalouStorm Damage Eftalou

Ligonas Valley – Petra

THE WATERMILLS OF LIGONAIn a valley close to Petra and Petri, the water running  from the hills was used to power mills. Their use began to decline in 1947 and the last mill closed in 1962 but the remains of many of the mills can still be seen. It is possible to walk the valley of the Mills (Ligonas) from Petra, so you don’t need a car or to take a taxi ride. All you need is your feet and Ligonas is yours to enjoy.

You can start from either Petra or Petri, the walk is simply packed with breath taking views. The area is described in a free leaflet produced by the municipality of Petra. You can flip through the leaflet by clicking on the picture on the left, it makes interesting reading.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Ligonas Valley and I hope that you will be inspired to visit, it is a magical place. The photographs from our walk can be seen in the Ligonas Valley Gallery Section.

If you do want to walk here we would suggest that you take water to drink and wear shoes suitable for walking (without open toes). Some of the paths are a little overgrown and long trousers would be best if you intend to fully explore the valley.