Moni Pithariou

Moni PithariouMoni Pithariou is devoted to the Archangels and is located in a beautiful ravine in the hills close to Eressos. The name of the monastery is taken from the shape of the ravine which resembles a jar (Πιθάρι – Pithari in Greek).  A dam has been built across the ravine, forming a large lake.

There is little historical data about the foundation of the monastery which has resulted in much debate among researchers. An Ottoman record of the tax affairs of the region dated 1548 suggests an already established monastery. The monastery is further mentioned in a 1709 ledger which records the tax as 107 kilos of olive oil. Continue reading

Sappho: Love And Life On Lesbos

Sappho: Love And Life On LesbosThe BBC spelling of Lesvos as Lesbos is a little embarassing but I have presented the programme title and review as written by the BBC. Please accept my apologies.

Sappho: Love And Life On Lesbos With Margaret Mountford

With a PhD in Papyrology, Margaret Mountford (The Apprentice) goes in search of the truth behind the legend of Sappho, the most controversial writer of the ancient world and the first authentic woman’s voice in western history.  Continue reading


When you start looking for information about Sappho it is easy to become very confused. Every writer has a different opinion about her. There are a few things that remain undisputed.

  • She was born in Eressos
  • She was born about 620 BCE
  • She wrote poetry

We hope to bring you a more up to date page soon.

In the meantime, you can read one view of Sappho Wikipedia.

There is also a new book:

Sappho A New Translation of the Complete Works

A New Translation of the Complete Works

Edited and translated by:
Diane Rayor

Published by:
Cambridge University Press