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  1. On our first trip to Lesvos I remarked to the guy serving us at “Grande Bleu” Restaurant on Molyvos Harbour that the island was so beautiful & very untouristy. “Ah” he replied “Lesvos does not have tourists, Lesvos has friends. Perhaps you will return?” I replied that we would – & we have, several times now, & will continue to do so.

  2. As well as Steve Dudley’s bird guide to Lesvos, he also has a website which is regularly updated year-round with details of bird sightings on the island. It is http://www.lesvosbirding.com.
    Anyone planning to bird watch on foot (usually the only way to get deep among the olive groves and gorges around Molyvos) should arm themselves with one of the excellent walking books by Englishman Mike Maunder. They are published in several languages and are readily available at shops on the island.

  3. Christine is so right that Lesvos doesn’t have tourists – just friends.
    In the 19 years that we have been visiting Molyvos in spring and autumn, we have made so many lasting friends. A good half of all the emails which drop into the “in” basket nowadays are from friends in Lesvos.
    One mischievous character even started sending me emails in Greek when she heard I had been studying rudimentary Greek at night school. I would spend hours laboriously translating into English and it was only after I had slaved away for months that someone just happened to mention the godsend that is Google Translate.
    They are friends, too, who don’t forget you. Minutes after Greece scored the winning goal to snatch the Euro 2004 soccer title, we had pictures coming through on email of the amazing celebration scenes on Molyvos harbourside.

  4. Sorry to hear this. Hope there is not too much damage & indeed that whoever is doing this is caught. Have been following the fires on Chios for the past week – the devastation there is horrific! Fortunately no lives lost, but livelihoods in ruins. Stay safe on Lesvos!

    • Luckily both were small fires and were quickly dealt with. The fires on Chios are a chilling example of how things can rapidly get very bad. Keep your fingers crossed and hope for early rain to dampen the tinderbox down.

  5. Have visited Lesvos 7 times and still find everything magical, dont know what it is but it has a hold on you. Next year is a bumper year as we have two holidays booked.
    What a superb web page this is, we loved Kremasti Bridge & look forward to re-visiting .

  6. We discovered this aqueduct section some years ago by driving (out of curiosity) part way down the dirt road then walking the rest of the way. The walk from Karini is on our (long) list of things to do, but now feel spurred on to move it up near the top of page one. Thanks for the reminder. Great pictures!

  7. This is devastating indeed. I had just been writing a short piece about Ambeliko when I found out about this awful devastation. It is such a beautiful village, at the heart of the island. It does seem as though no-one was hurt but hearts will be as broken as the streets & houses. Nature can be cruel. My thoughts are with the people of Lesvos.

  8. I have that e-guide downloaded to my smartphone – the numbered descriptions apparently are backed up by information boards (with the relevant number reference) at the various locations described. I only discovered this guide since my last visit to the island so am looking forward to exploring many of the places mentioned. I don’t think I will ever run out of new places to see on the island!

    I found the following English guide very informative – it is about 3 years old now, but not much information changes apart from maybe opening hours etc


    Lots of great photographs to whet your appetite.

  9. Santa brought me an early pressie – flights to Lesvos booked many months ago!

    A big thank you to Robin for setting up this site – which is going to be a valuable guide to the island. Really good to have something that combines tourism opportunities with local news – all helps to emphasise Lesvos as a workaday and welcoming island, not just a seasonal holiday resort!

    Happy New Year to all concerned and hope to see it developing in 2013.

  10. Yes, thank you Lefteris you have to be very naughty (or a bad typist). Now I’m going to have to leave the typo in! Doh.

  11. And on a serious note happy new year Robin and Carol keep up the good work its always nice to read news from paradise

  12. Good news that Rob. Its such a shame to let fantastic buildings like this go to ruin, it was always a dream of mine if i won a lottery i would purchase it and restore it

  13. Good news indeed. It’s such a wonderful location would love to see it sympathetically restored and put to some good use. When we were there in 2011 there were a team of people clearing the grounds and strimming the overgrown grass etc at the front so it did look as though something was afoot. If you win the lottery lefteris I’ll help you restore it!! Do keep us posted Rob if you hear anything.

  14. I am so pleased to read on the Ambeliko village website that repair work is in progress, thanks in no small way to some generous donations from communities in Australia who have links with Ambeliko. It is heart-warming to know that the world cares for this tiny part of Greece. Perhaps there will be some local opportunity for visitors this year to make donations, however modest, to the continuing work to get life back to normality and repair the damages.

  15. I have recently had some exchanges with the village priest in Ambeliko and he assures me the Museum will be open when we visit in mid-May, so hopefully I will be able to write an updated report. The village infrastructure is being repaired thanks to some generous monetary donations from associates in Australia.

  16. Looking forward to visiting this museum – located in one of our favourite villages on Lesvos. In summer there is also a local winery which you can tour so this makes a really good day out.

  17. This is a really interesting place to visit – and great fun for children as they have a model of a prehistoric tortoise the size of a VW Beetle car and usually some real tortoises wandering about eager for snacks!

    • Your help would be great. I will send an email to find out how best to achieve this.

      Thank you.

  18. NICE pictures and report on the Independence Day celebrations, Robin.
    Re your reference to the fact that it is the day swallows are supposed to return, I think the swallows got their timing slightly out this year. The first barn swallows – not the red rumped variety that are often seen around the olive groves of Molyvos – have been around for a couple of weeks.
    Pantelis Thomaidis posted his first photos of swallows in the island more than a week ago on the Lesvos Birders section of Facebook.

  19. Thank you Frank. The first barn swallows arrived at our house this morning. We have really missed their chatter and it was wonderful to sit in the sunshine this morning watching the aerial acrobatics.

  20. There is an excellent BBC documentary about Aristotle’s Lagoon, which can now be seen in full on YouTube.

    • Thanks Christine, I have already linked to this in the main article.

  21. Grrrrrr. Got back from Molyvos last week. Would have loved to get a copy. Any idea if I can get a copy by post or when the pdf will be available?


    • I don’t think post is possible but I will email you as soon as the pdf appears.

  22. Marvellous news about these additional flights … Lesbos needs the tourists back & it’s a beautiful island to visit !

  23. Great news! Lesvos is such a beautiful island and deserves more visitors. I really miss Molyvos, and can’t wait to go back.

  24. were all wishing the increased flights into lesvos will boost tourism but is the island really about packing as many flights as you can having been a frequent visitor for 20 plus years the pull of the island is the get away from tourist based corfus rhodes mykonos and the rest of the rat race all though one or two more aircraft wont make a difference with the island being so vast i still feel a fine line could be broken if the increase in traffic was to expand to much if you want to see real greece lesvos is a prime example of one of the very few still about to much air traffic could eventually kill this beautiful island off

  25. we loved the train. we loved the singing and dancing train driver ( who cares if he doesn’t speak a word of English) and we loved Ana – what a lovely smiling welcoming girl. we were there for one week and went on it twice from molyvos to annaxos.

    we want to comment on trip advisor but cant find you

  26. Hello,
    we have been visiting the museums many times and we want to go there again in our next holiday in September 2014. Unfortunately last year it was closed for renovation. Now my question – is it still closed this year or can we visit it in September? I would be very pleased to get an answer from you. Many thanks!

    • The museum website says that it remains closed. I have tried to telephone, there is no answer and they do not respond to emails. So I can’t even tell you when it is planned to reopen.


  27. I too love Lesvos and particularly Anaxos which is truly unspoilt Greece at it’s best. However, on booking to return this July was very disappointed to find that Monarch are no longer flying to Lesvos. Flight from Manchester is now with Thomas Cook at 13:50, it was always 6:00 with Monarch, meaning a late arrival with a long transfer. this will not prevent me holidaying each year in Lesvos but getting to resort so late at night is not ideal.

    • You could look at flights from Birmingham. It is currently scheduled to leave at 05:10. Prices are also cheaper than Manchester (at the moment).

  28. I too have just built a home in Molyvos and look forward one day on retiring there. It would be good to catch up for an ouzo in August 2015 to hear all about your adventures .
    Enjoy Molyvos and hope to bumb into you one day.
    Nicholas Orfanides

    • We look forward to that Nicholas. Send us an email before you travel and we can arrange something.

  29. We spent already since 10 years about one month per year at the place where we lost our hart : MOLYVOS

  30. How wonderful to have access to information like this ! When we first visited Lesvos in the eighties we tried several times to find the mysterious ” Sanctuary of Klopedi” exploring the area by jeep in vain ! We look forward to a more successful attempt armed with this information . Thank you Robin !

  31. We have been traveling to Lesvos for many years, but only using package holidays.
    Due back this September for three weeks, this will be our last package type holiday to this destination. As we live in the U.K. and our Thomas Cook company have taken the Manchester flight off their schedule, we will be looking at using Aegean airways. Hopefully they will be flying from Birmingham, and Manchester U.K. we can then continue to return to Lesvos, ( our favourite island ) If anyone knows when Aegean post their 2017 schedules, it would be a help for us to know. Thank you. Judith.

    • Hi Judith,

      Aegean Airlines usually release the summer schedule in September, it is best if you check once a week around that time. I would also suggest you sign up for their news letter so that you see their special offers.


    • Aegean flights are via Athens, checked baggage goes straight through. Athens airport has some nice shops too, a great opportunity to pick up some duty free.

  32. Revisited Lesbos last May with friends, after 16 years. Still as beautiful. So good I returned on my own in September. Won’t leave it so long next time!

    • I agree that the charter flights are needed, but for me, Aegean Airlines are the first and only choice. Lesvos needs all the support it can get.

  33. Got many friends including ourselves who are disappointed that Thomas Cook are not going to be flying from Manchester to Lesvos after 2016. We hope that Aegean airways will be carrying out this service

    • Elizabeth,

      Click on the link below to go to the Aegean Airlines web site. Add your departure airport in the ‘From’ box and MJT (the code for Mytilene) in the ‘To’ box. Click on ‘Search’ and you will get the lowest avaialable prices for that route.


      The code for Manchester is MAN, for Birmingham it is BHX and for Heathrow enter LON and select “London (all Airports)”

    • Hi Sylvia,

      The post is from 2012!

      It’s too early to know exactly when the festival will be held, as it rather depends on the chestnuts being ready.

      I will put up a post to let people know as soon as have a confirmed date.


  34. Kalimera Robin
    My daughter is currently holidaying with me in Lesbos, on a one way ticket, however trying to return back to Manchester is pretty expensive unless she travels on 30 Septembr.
    Any suggestions of a cheaper alternative Lesbos to Manchester in the next week or so…?

    • Hi Angela,
      The only options I know of are:
      Aegean Airlines booked through to Manchester via Athens
      Thomas Cook direct flight.
      Lowest cost carrier to Athens then use Easyjet.

      Sadly all of those look expensive over the next two weeks.

      I will email you directly if I think of anything else.


    • Sorry Osman but I have heard no news yet. The exact date is set once the harvest can be better judged.

      Normally it is either the first or second weekend in November.

      I will post dates as soon as I have them.

  35. It is unbelievable how many bad stories are still around in the Media.
    Nourished by crazy people they just want to collect still money!!!

    And I am also very surprised about the Journalist`s that they consult and believe sometimes just one person.
    What kind of Investigation???
    I feel so sorry about this unfair treatment to the people from Lesbos.

  36. Excellent news if it means more flights available from more airports and quicker checking in and out – hopefully look forward to seeing new building in the future as love the island

  37. I have emailed the Times and complained. A shame I did not see this at the time as I would have sent a complaint then.

    • Do YOUR research before you believe anything that’s posted. It sure does still exist . Had a friend who went there this week. I’m much more likely to believe the times than some random post with a video with multiple shots that’s edited anyway.

    • I’m not sure what you are trying to say, Mel.

      The Times printed a retraction and apologised one week after the article was published.

      Since the winter of 2015, there have been no “piles of discarded lifejackets on Lesbos shores“. I know this because this is my home and I walk almost daily.

      If you go looking, there is a very big pile of lifejackets at the council rubbish tip. I can only guess that this is what your friend saw. These are not on the shores, they were not on the shores when The Times published the misleading article. I know because I was one of the army of local citizens that cleared them all up in the winter of 2015/16.

  38. We made a return visit today just over a year since we found this wonderful place . Stratos the archaeological custodian remembered us and shared information about the site with us . A gentle kind man, knowledgable about this site and others nearby, pleased that we were interested , and ready to provide support to our friend now in her eighties, as we walked about the excavation . The photographs and information on display were highly informative . Klopedi is a very special place .

    • Yes. indeed, an exceptionally informative, welcoming, and supportive educational visit thanks to Stratos the very informed custodian archaeologist and also to the thoughtful and informed knowledges of both Ann and Peter Fitton. A splendid experience, illuminating for my particular literary research interests as well as for wider subjects.

  39. Just travelled there.
    Thank you for the coordinates
    They were spot on!
    For anyone else traveling
    I do recommend a 4×4 for a more piece of mind .

  40. Thanks! I have seen the sign on the roadside and tried to find the aqueduct, but failed to follow the dirt road far enough. Next time I’ll know where to find this. 🙂

  41. Going to the Theophilos Museum was a highlight of my trip to Mitilini. I purchased three prints and in retrospect wish I had bought all that were available. I love his work.

  42. This is a GEM!
    The people at the museum have very warm hearts!
    The museum lies in a bend near the road, the museum itself and the house with its beautiful location is AWESOME!!

    • Eftalou Springs is a low key and locally run place, so opening times may very. We found it to be open in the summer. My guess is that, as for many places across the Mediterranean area, the place is closed from October to April.

  43. Only just found this video Robin, it really does give you that fluttering in the chest feeling !
    Don’t know if it has been posted on TA or not, but it would be good to show new converts what a great website you have.

    • Jackie,

      Please feel free to put a link on an appropriate TA topic. We also feel those butterflies no matter how many times we watch the video or round the headland to the view of Molyvos castle.

  44. I live in Los Angeles Ca. my parents were from Lesvos .I love the island of Lesvos every time I visit Greece I visit also my parents birth place .
    It is ashamed to have a beautiful building in Thermi staying with the doors locked waiting to be remodeled and open its doors for many people and tourists from all over the world.
    I tried to get in touch with Mrs Kalogirou but she avoids any communications.
    I visited the island and her office I left several messages to be contacted but I understand her time is valuable as mine!!!!

  45. Greetings! Does the mini-train operate between Molyvos and Anaxos? We heard that there were still some road constructions that prevented trips to Anaxos where we will be staying, between 24.6. and 2.7.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Toni,

      The train no longer runs to Anaxos but this is nothing to do with the bridge reconstruction currently in progress.

      There is a local bus that runs from Anaxos to Eftalou. Read more here http://bit.ly/2MCut4S


  46. Hi there can u update the movie list for the current week please
    Holidaying In Petra want to take the kids to your cinema

    • Hello Mark,

      There is not a direct connection from the airport to Molyvos. You would need to catch the local bus into Mytilene and then get to the bus depot. Sadly the local bus does not go to the main bus depot. You would then get the bus to Molyvos.

      You can see the timetable on the bus company website here http://bit.ly/2NFdlLk

      It is much simpler, although more expensive to get a taxi!

  47. Sounds wonderful Robin : very Autumnal. We’ve visited Agiasos in the summertime over the years and always enjoy watching the woodworkers carving those intricate patterns . The ceramics are special too . The village is surrounded by lovely countryside and we enjoyed climbing up to the nearby Castelli . One day we will be there for the chestnut festival ! Thanks for this very informative site .

  48. I am planning a trip to Lesvos next week and I am much more likely to believe a local rather than a newspaper who’s goal is sell sensational stories….

  49. Birdwatching is a hobby of mine too, I’ve never been to Lesvos, maybe one of these days I can travel there and see some of the birds, I think you have some birds there that I haven’t seen before. Thanks for introducing some places to go to!

  50. I’ll be on Lesvos October 2019 and am staying in Agiasos for 4 days then head to Molyvos for 4 days then a final 2 days in Mytilene.

    I’ve been planning on Lesvos for a number of years but finally got a great price for a flight from Athens to Mytilene then booked with Airbnb for Agiasos. Still looking for a good place in or near Molyvos.

    Have consider the Alkaios Rooms or Porto Lesvos in Mytilene.

    I’ve done lots of research on the island so have a good idea of what I’m doing.

    In addition my grandparents immigrated from Lesvos in the early 1900s. One is from the village of Filia which I’ll head to and try to find any relatives. The other one’s village is still a work in progress.

    Can’t wait for Oct. 2019!

  51. Molyvos is pure beauty, a gem, a place of peace and relaxation where you will make friends that will last a lifetime. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, you will hear distance bells of sheep the occasional rooster and smells of freshly baked bread — swallows diving throughout the sky and sounds of the Mediterranean kissing the rocky shore beaches. Since age 7, I have been returning every 7 to 10 years and now at 40, it is remarkable how many memories return.
    If you go, make sure to stop by Molly’s bar. Impossible to miss, it is right before you get to the Molyvos harbour, stop in for a drink, and you will meet lasting friend with stories of the village.
    David Jones

  52. One of the most exciting excavations in Lesbos. A must to visit. The custodian archaeologist, Stratos, made a great guiding tour. Efaristo para poli. Kai tou xrono. i.e. 1920.

  53. I recently took a 10 day trip to Lesvos to the village where my grandparents immigrated from. It was a wonderful and moving experience to meet relatives I never knew existed and found I had more relatives than I could have imagined. There were many hugs, kisses and handshakes. I learned more about my grandparents and had a rough family tree drawn for me. It took me many years to find my roots and discovered they run deep.

    In addition the island of Lesvos is truly lovely with something for everyone. I drove all over the island, went to villages, beaches, mountains, historical and archeological sites and saw why so many people find Lesvos to be one of Greece’s best island.

    If that’s not good enough I just happen to “run” into Rob and Carol while visiting the pretty village of Lafionas. What a surprise to meet them after so many times “talking” to them on travel forums.

    Rob and Carol are great people and are very fortunate to live on Lesvos . . . a dream for many of us.

    Lesvos is worth going to and should be considered as something that the “Big Name” islands can’t give you . . . traditional Greece!

  54. I recently took a 10 day trip to Lesvos to the village where my grandparents immigrated from. It was a wonderful and moving experience to meet relatives I never knew existed and found I had more relatives than I could have imagined. There were many hugs, kisses and handshakes. I learned more about my grandparents and had a rough family tree drawn for me. It took me many years to find my roots and discovered they run deep.

    In addition the island of Lesvos is truly lovely with something for everyone. I drove all over the island, went to villages, beaches, mountains, historical and archeological sites and saw why so many people find Lesvos to be one of Greece’s best island.

    If that’s not good enough I just happen to “run” into Rob and Carol while visiting the pretty village of Lafionas. What a surprise to meet them after so many times “talking” to them on travel forums.

    Rob and Carol are great people and are very fortunate to live on Lesvos . . . a dream for many of us.

    Lesvos is worth going to and should be considered as something that the “Big Name” islands can’t give you . . . traditional Greece!

  55. Dear Robin,
    We will stay in ‘Meraki time to smile’ this summer (Mithymna 811 08), can you tell us if we can take a bus there to Molyvos and how long it will take? And where will the bus stop, not in the centre? There’s no bus to the port or castle right? And until what time will the bus return?
    Thanks for answering in advance. Greeting, Denise

    • The bus passes the path to the Meraki. It takes a couple of minutes to get to the stop in Molyvos, which is opposite the open-air cinema. There is no bus to the castle but the village train does. There is no bus to the port, you will need to take a taxi if you don’t want to walk (it is a very nice walk). The bus timetable can be seen above. We will post a new timetable as soon as it is published.
      The Meraki is close to our house, 1km from the village entrance. We normally walk into the village, it helps build the appetite. The closest taverna is the Alonia, which is at the entrance to the village.

    • The bus stops outside the Eftalou Taverna which is about 500 metres from Golden Beach.

    • There is a stop at the entrance to the village (nearest Skoutaros) there is also one near Christina’s Garden.

    • The bus company gives us little notice when the local bus service starts. some years, the first we know is when it drives past our house. So I can’t help you with information for 2022.

      In previous years it has started between mid-May and mid-June. It depends on visitor numbers.

  56. Hello

    Is there a bus to the Monastery of Saint Raphael?
    We should land on the island around 15:45, on a Friday.

    Thank you.

    • I’m sorry to say but there is no bus that goes all the way there and the timing is all wrong. If you want to try at another time, you would need to take the bus that goes from Mytilene to Mantamados and get off at Thermi beach. You would then need to take a taxi. The bus timetable is here https://www.ktel-lesvou.gr/index.php?option=dromologia&new_lang=en

      My personal suggestion would be to hire a car. The roads are good and not at all busy.

  57. Hello
    A couple of questions please.
    Is there a bus from the airport to sapfo square Mitilini ?
    Is there a bus from Mitilini to Skala Kallonis or is the bus just to Kalloni?

    • Julie,

      Yes, there is a bus from the airport to Sappho Square. There is no bus to Skala Kalloni. You would need to get a taxi for the last part of the journey.

      I would also add that there are only 3 buses a day. The last bus leaves Mytilene at 13:00.

  58. Hi Robin
    Thank you so much for that.
    Can you confrim that the bus from Mytilene goes to Skala Kallonis, not just to Skala.
    Thanks again

    • The bus from Mytilene goes to Kalloni. Skala Kalloni is the holiday resort. You will need to get a taxi from Kalloni to Skala Kalloni.

  59. Are you open. I heard its open but it is not clean. Can you give us the status of the situation at this hot springs.

    • We don’t operate the springs.

      The springs are ‘officially’ closed. However, the gate into the public bath is normally unlocked and volunteers are doing their best to keep it clean. If you do visit, please give the volunteers a little help by having a tidy-up before you leave.


  60. Hello
    I am planning to visit the hot spring on my trip next week. July the 15th 2022. I am more than happy to help clean the area. This is such a precious gift. I just hope I can find the place open?

  61. Yasas, we will be coming to Anaxos at the end of September is it possible to find a bus schedule beforehand, or do we just hope they haven’t finished by then. From your experience time of the year do they normally finish ?

    • The local bus stops when tourists stop using the service. This varies from year to year. We will post a note here when the bus stops or if the schedule changes.

  62. Bus 17 Anaxos to Efftalou was the very best. The driver was so helpful and cheery, great music too … thank you very much.
    Hope next year the bus will be running also in May.

  63. I absolutely love your photos. The beauty of nature gives such joy.
    I am going to Petra for two weeks at the end of September and your website has inspired me to walk in and around the area.
    Thank you

  64. Hello.

    We are thinking of taking the train from Petra to Molyvos 6th Oct.

    We have a leaflet but it shows two schedules. Please confirm which one we should use as we would like to know what the last time is to get back to Petra.

    Please confirm



    • That is a difficult choice. We alsways look forward to the swallows returning as they herald the coming summer.

    • It’s about 80km and I think it will take about an hour and a half or perhaps a little more.

  65. The Gatos ad needs to be moved Put it in the sea where where it is central and does not obstruct a view of the road.

  66. Hi Robin,
    Did the local bus start again from Molyvos to Eftalou? I will be on 17th of June in Molyvos. Does it also run on Sundays?
    If no bus is available can I find taxi from Eftalou to Molyvos?

    Thanks a lot..

  67. Hoi Robin rijdt de bus tussen Anaxos en Petra dit jaar wel?
    Wij zijn er half juni bij hotel Defkalion en willen dan met de bus naar Petra en Molivos.
    Bedankt Rob

  68. Good morning. Please can you tell me if the site, or a supposed site, of the Thiasos of Sappho has been found?
    I have found a photograph on the internet, but with it has no concrete information.
    Anything you can tell me would be helpful

    Thank you very much

    • I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with any new information. If you do find anything, please let me know so I can add it here to help inform others.


  69. Hallo van 18 tot en met 28 sept kom ik naar Lesbos naar Anaxis. Ik had gedacht het hele eiland per bus te verkennen. Mag ik er vanuit gaan er nog bussen rijden en gaan er ook bussen in de avond naar Molivos en naar de hoofdstad watervallen kloosters enz?
    Vriendelijke groet

    • Sorry for the delay in answering. Our connection to the network was destroyed by a lorry.

      The bus network on Lesvos is designed for residents not tourists and radiate out from Mytilene. We would not recommend using the buses, it is much better to hire a car.

  70. Hallo Robin, wij zijn nu in Anaxos. Willen met de bus naar Eftalou het ene schema staat van eftalou terug laatste bus om 12 en andere schema veel later. Ook willen we naar mitylini en skala sykaminia. Hoe daar te komen. Ik was al in haven petra ook daar geen info boot. Groet

  71. Hi can you tell me if there is a bus service that runs in April from petra to molivos or anaxos
    Many thanks